LRS Fixator

Angled LRS Fixator are used on Femur and Tibia varus-valgus deformity corrections, bone lengthening by callus distraction.



  • One centralized lengthening and deformity corrections
  • Multi central applications; bone transportation, simultaneously different part compressions and distractions.
  • Double central lengthening and shortening on deformity corrections
  •  Acute extremity fractures fixing and lengthening
  •  Bone union problems
  • Huge soft tissue damaged incidences
  • Bone shortening surgeries with bone loss.

LRS Fixator
  • LRS Fixator
  • LRS Fixator



  •  High resistance
  •  Implementation in a short time
  • Gradual callus distraction
  • One sided design for easy and fast application
  • Easy change from stable construct to dynamic construct (especially on femur) for rapid Callus formation.