UMEF Rod-Pin Fixator

‘‘Ultra Modular External Fixator’’ is a unique system that allows for a rigid osteosynthesis application, developed  for providing an effective continuation of the stabilization in the period of time to fracture healing after performing the desired anatomical fracture repositioning in the indications of operative external fixation technique of humerus, ulna-radius, metacarpus, hand, pelvis, femur, tibia and in metatarsus traumas.

UMEF Rod-Pin Fixator
  • UMEF Rod-Pin Fixator
  • UMEF Rod-Pin Fixator

Complex fractures

Poly traumatized patients who have fractures with no indication of

internal fixation methods 

Patient with fractures and head&chest traumas

Pelvic fractures

Humeral and forearm fractures

Femoral and tibial fractures

Pediatric fractures

Metacarpal and metatarsal fractures



Infected pseudoarthrosis