Multiaxial Distal Hand-Wrist Fixator

It is used for fixation of radius fractures and correction of radius deformities.


Owing to the Ball-joint locking system, an angled locking can be done.

Due to the angular clamps schanz pins can be sent in different Angles.

Made of Robust and light Titanium alloy.

Viewing of the fracture with fluoroscopy and application of internal fixation implants is feasible because of the “U” shaped middle segment.

 The clamps allows angulation and on the same time they can distract and compress both side.

Multiaxial Distal Hand-Wrist Fixator
  • Multiaxial Distal Hand-Wrist Fixator
  • Multiaxial Distal Hand-Wrist Fixator


*Distal radius deformity correction by performing partial osteotomy on which the gab is filed with Graft for acute correction or gradual callus correction by achieving hemicallotasis osteotomy.

*Distal radius and/or ulna fractures.

*Unstable intraarticular distal radius fractures (in combination with internal fixation implants).

*Arthrodosis of wrist can be done on distal radius fractures in combination with internal fixation implants.

*Radius and/or ulna diaphysis fractures.