Circular Fixator

Professor Gavrill A. İlizarov has constructed an external fixation system on 1950's which bone fixed K-wires and schanz screws are fastened on to a circle.

 The important advantage of this fixator than the others is that every movement (compression, distraction, rotation, translation and angulation) can be achieved to the bone because of the 3 dimensional control to the bone fragments.

Circular Fixator
  • Circular Fixator
  • Circular Fixator


  • External fixation and stabilization of fractures.
  • Angular deformity corrections (due to the hinges).
  • Pseudoarthrosis treatment.
  •  Fracture repositioning.
  •  Foot-pelvic fractures.
  • Extremity lengthening.
  • Fractures with bone loss.
  • Reconstruction  of bone