2019 Plate & Screw Catalog

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New Generation Mini Plates Hand System

Mini Plates Hand System is designed with standard and locking screws that can angle. 61 different anatomic plates are suitable for transverse and spiral fractures, joint and shaft fractures, multifragment and dislocated fractures of all phalanges and metacarpal bone anatomy. For more ...

New Pediatric Brand! PediTST

We are pleased to announce our new pediatric brand PediTST! Please click to our website to discover our innovative products and instruments.

EasyLOCK Tibia Nail

EasyLOCK Tibia is an innovative nailing system that incorporates the advantages of the tibia intramedullary nailing method in orthopedic and traumatology cases. The distal locking can be accomplished easily and quickly by the specially designed distal AP targeting rod without fluoroscopy. ...