Distal Radius Volar Plates

 Distal Radius Volar Plate is designed for volar of Distal Radius and it perfectly fits to watershed line. 2.4 mm and 2.7 mm Locking screws allow 30° variable locking angle.

Clavicle Distal Tip Plate

Distal Clavicle Plate is designed for distal clavicle tip fractures with different locking and length options. The system is working with 3,5mm and 2,7mm screws.

New Generation UMEF Clamps

New-generation Clamps provide an easier application, stability, and aesthetic form.  


  OWO-Fix  I t   is an external fixator that is used for High Tibial Osteotomy surgery. It is composed of Titanium, Stainless Steel Aluminium and Carbon Fiber materials. There are 120°, 140°, 160° Carbon Fiber Arc options. The High Tibial Osteotomy application from the proximal of the Tibia...

Anatomic Distal Fibula Locking Plate

New alternative distal fibula plate designed to position laterally. The new design provides an easier application on multiple fractures with more locking options.

Antirotational Proximal Femur Nail

The enhanced A PFN owns specialities, like a sliding compression effect that allows the fracture impaction and a special blade to increase the rotational stability, to reach the aimed results.

Knee Surface Arthroplasty

 Knee surface prosthesis is a solution as an alternative for cartilage deformities of the knee joint and an early treatment instead of knee prosthesis. Knee Surface Arthroplasty keeps the biomechanic allignment when it is compared to knee prosthesis.

New Olecranon Plate

The improved anatomical design with more locking options provides a perfect fixation.

Ulna Intramedullary Nail

  Multifunctional new intramedullary interlocking nail system has been developed for ulna, aiming to utilize from advantages of intramedullary fixation method.