Intercarpal Fusion Plates

The Mini Intercarpal Fusion Plate is an innovative implant for partial midcarpal arthrodesis of the wrist (Four-Corner-Fusion) For pseudo-arthrosis of the Os Scaphoid and aged SL-band ruptures (SLAC and SNAC wrist) this therapy has established itself as treatment strategy. The application of a compression between the to be merged carpal elements hereby benefits a complete arthrodesis. The Sliding Plate offers the possibility to apply the compression centrally by means of turning the implant through sliding holes which are arranged in a circular way.

Posttraumatic mediocarpal arthritis following scaphoid non-union (SNAC) or scapholunate ligament rupture (SLAC), Mediocarpal instability (final stage)

Intercarpal Fusion Plates
  • Intercarpal Fusion Plates
  • Intercarpal Fusion Plates
Minimal outer diameter  in three different size. Plate sizes : 15mm, 16mm and 17mm. Slight panel thickness / panel height 2.8mm. 
Low profile circular plate with smooth surface and rounded edges to minimize soft tissue irritation.
Kirschner wire holes for temporary fixation.Rotatory compression holes.
Fixable with 8 screws. Narrow screw diameter (Ø2.4mm).
Biocompatible titanium alloy. Innovative instrumentation.
Variable screw angle (+/- 8°).