Segmental Dynamic Fixator

It is an external fastening device for Femur and Tibia osteotomies, deformities corrections and extremity lengthening.

Segmental Dynamic Fixator
  • Segmental Dynamic Fixator
  • Segmental Dynamic Fixator



-One or two focused lengthening on very short Tibia and Femur. The middle clamp is fastened after proximal and distal osteotomy. The other proximal and distal clamps moved on their own direction to achieve the lengthening.

-Short tibia and femur lengthening by performing shaft osteotomy in combination with intramedular nails.

- Wide proximal or distal fractures with bone loss and/or lengthening loss of Tibia and Femur. proximal metaphysial osteotomy will be accomplished and due to the middle clamp, the middle segment of the bone should be moved distally to unite the segments.

                    Wide and central fractures with bone loss of Tibia and Femur. A proximal and distal metaphysial osteotomy is achieved. On the same time proximal and distal transport is done until the segments are merged together.

                    Wide peripheral fractures of tibia and femur with bone loss. Two different osteotomy is performed on the long bone segment. Simultaneously two of the middle clamps are moved proximally as far as the gap is closed, so the proximal transport is accomplished.

                    Small distal fractures of tibia and femur with bone loss. After proximal osteotomy, the compression is made by the distal and proximal clamp. The proximal osteotomy part is arranged for the needed lengthening.

                    Femur and Tibia fractures with serious soft tissue damage and uncovered bone or osteomyelitis with nonunion and soft tissue necrosis. Required bone is resected and cleaned to close the soft tissue. Metaphysial osteotomy is applied on the proximal bone part. Distal stabilization is done with the middle and distal clamp. The original bone length is obtained by performing distraction osteotomy with the usage of middle and proximal clamp.


                    Different sizes of the middle clamp is available for easy handling and to match on to the bowing of the Femur.

                    If required (one more piece than the osteotomy amount) additional clamps can be assembled on to the rail system.