The Mechanical axis of the lower extremity takes place at a varus position, narrowing of the medial joint space of the knee and pathologies that accelerate the developing of Gonarthrosis.

It is an external fixator that is used for High Tibial Osteotomy surgery.

It is composed of Titanium, Stainless Steel Aluminium and Carbon Fiber materials. There are 120°, 140°, 160° Carbon Fiber Arc options.

The High Tibial Osteotomy application from the proximal of the Tibia achieve the neutral position of the mechanical axis  and stops the gonoarthrosis process or slows it down.

HTO (High Tibial Osteotomy) applications can be accomplished from lateral as closed wedge, from medial open wedge or as dome osteotomies.

OWO-FIX have important advantages, gradual corrections can be done during surgery, the patient can be mobilized by full weight bearing the day after the surgery and if necessary the correction can be changed after surgery in an early term.

After the fixation of the Fixator system the osteotomy can be done. Without doing a huge cut, a skin incision of 3-4 cm is done then the osteotomy is applied minimal invazively.

The uncontrolled breakage of the osteotomy line is prevented even if the breakage is achieved, because of the system stability, it allows early bearing.

It has a sliding block at the proximal arc on which 4 pieces of  5 mm diameter Schanz screws can be send.  There is a guide that directs to the fibula head to position the fixator and an apparatus to collimate the fixator.  



  • Genu Varum deformities on which the mechanical axis alignment are in varus position
  • Unicompartmental gonarthrosis cases
  • The medial compartment exposed under overload after Meniscectomy.
  • At Osteochondral deffects together with surface changing arthroplasty applications